Spencer James

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Spence is an old radio pro having been successfully involved in all aspects of radio promotion, production and presentation. He's also dabbled in TV & Film and has been nominated for a BAFTA!
Breakfast Shows, Drive Time Shows, Programme Manager and 'the flying eye' Travel Reporter from a small plane..... If it's radio related, Spence has given it a go and is now the principal of a well established international media company.
Despite his success, Power Fm was his first 'proper' radio gig and he says the station will always hold a special place in his heart. Just as well as he is here quite a lot!

Spence provides the Local News and Weather updates on Breakfast. Gets you home with Drive from 5 every weekday in addition to hosting the AirPlay 40 chart on a Sunday afternoon which broadcasts to over 100 stations worldwide.


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Lanzarote - +34 663 884 080