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Richard Spinks was 10 years old when his fascination for music grew with a radio in every room in his house, no matter which room he went to, the same radio station tuned in on every radio echoing in his house, which he says was "a bliss".

After a while his dad brought home a BIG stereo system which he says was amazing and bigger for his house! All his mates would wander outside his house to play their own albums on his stereo.

The stereo system became Richard's companion at parties, discos, clubs and events. But he still did not lose his connection with the radio, it played in his house and in the car every single day.

Richard wanted to make a career out of his passion for music, so he moved to Norway, where he worked as a DJ in clubs and hotels and also got the opportunity to explore the beautiful country. Richard knew he wanted something more, so he moved to other European countries like Denmark, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Richard wanted more.....he had already made a name for himself, and so luck struck, he was asked if he could DJ on the QE2 in New York, this was just a phone call, which changed his fate totally. Richard spent his next fifteen years on different cruise ships.......which took him to many more places like the Caribbean and all over the world. On every Cruise he had his own Radio Studio and a great window which showed him the beautiful places he went to from Europe to America to Asia to Africa to Australia. He not only got to talk on the radio about the places he had been to but also got the opportunity to meet famous personalities and interview them!!! 

But he never lost his connection back home, he joined Peak FM in 1998 in Chesterfield in Derbyshire, the Late Night Love Songs Show. He did this for ten years, and also enjoyed hosting and working on many of Peak FM's outside broadcasts and events.

Now easing you gently into your weekday morning, Richard is here with Early Breakfast from 5am.


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